Over the Hills and Far Away; Why Hiking is Good For Your Health

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Ah, Mother Nature; the ultimate hostess of the great outdoors! Most people can agree that spending time outside in nature is wonderful for the soul, bringing peace and relaxation to our minds and spirit. Exercising in the outdoors brings with it a range of benefits. In particular, it’s interesting to explore why hiking is so good for your health.

When it comes to venturing outside for some physical activity, do you jump at the opportunity? Or are you more hesitant, preferring to remain at home or working out in a gym?

Once you learn about the positive influence that hiking can have on your health, you may become more motivated to journey through rocky terrain, surrounding yourself with the soothing sounds and sights of nature.

Hike for your Heart

Hiking offers a fantastic cardio workout that goes beyond something more simple, such as walking. Because most hiking is done on nature trails, that offer small (or larger) hills, uneven terrain and the opportunity to climb, you are working more of your muscles, giving your heart rate a boost. The more you move against certain kinds of resistance, the better workout you are receiving.

The Sound of Solitude

Unless you prefer to stroll to your favorite songs on your iPod, hiking outdoors provides the type of tranquility that one can only find in nature. The achieve the most benefit of your surroundings, become mindful of the trees bristling, the birds chirping and the wind moving throughout lush forestry. Give your brain a break from city noises and observe the solitude around you. Particularly for those who suffer from daily stress, hiking provides an escape from our overactive minds.

Hips and Joints Love a Great Hike!

For those suffering from joint pain and arthritis, physical exercise can limit certain movements. However, hiking is one activity that is easier on the joints. Moving uphill usually poses far less issues than proceeding downhill. However, there are ways to protect your knees and joints when descending from a hill. Proper shoes, different walking techniques and even using a walking poll can assist, making this form of exercise an awesome option for people who want to stay flexible, limber and in shape.

Sleep More Soundly

Have you ever noticed that you tend to sleep better after spending the day outside? Since hiking uses up more energy than regular walking, you may find yourself more tired by the end of your day. Also, hiking gives your mind a chance to decompress from other stimulation, such as using your phone or staring at a computer screen. Allowing your brain to relax may provide the opportunity for a more restful sleep.

Even with various exercise programs available to us, there is no substitution for the beauty and fresh air you will experience hiking outdoors. Escape from your daily grind and explore nature while moving your body; your heart and head will thank you for it!

Hiking for Beginners

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