Love your Lungs; Tips to Improve Your Breathing

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Healthy lung capacity is vital towards good health, but did you know that you are only using 50% of your lung capacity most of the time? We may think that inhaling and exhaling are required for healthy lungs, but there are exercises available that you can do that will improve your lungs and breathing.

Breathe from your diaphragm

Otherwise known as ‘belly breathing,’ diaphragmatic breathing involves taking breaths from your diaphragm instead of your chest. When you exercise the diaphragm muscle, you take deeper breaths, which will increase your lung capacity. This is not something that we always conscious of doing, so it’s best to place a hand on your abdomen when you try diaphragmatic breathing. If your hand rises against your belly, you are doing the exercise correctly.

Try a ‘Box-Breath’ technique

Box breath is a breathwork style that involves inhaling for a count of 5, pausing for a count of 5, exhaling, and pausing again until you take your next inhale. In addition to the relaxing effect of ‘box breath,’ the technique of counting your breaths and pauses gives your lungs the opportunity to expand and contract to their fullest potential in a mindful manner.

Stand tall

You can improve your lung capacity and your breathing by practicing good posture. Since your lungs will only expand when you make room to use them, sitting up straight or standing tall with your shoulders back will allow your lungs to expand fully. Try standing with your back to a wall or sitting straight in a chair while taking deep, intentional breaths.

Stay active

Physical exercise such as cardio-based workouts is wonderful for building up your lung capacity. Activities such as running or a brisk walk will require more air, and as such, your oxygen intake will be much greater. Not only is exercise great for your breathing, but it also plays a role in overall physical health and stress reduction.

Laugh out loud

Laughing and singing are not only joyful activities; they help to increase your lung capacity and help to improve your breathing. Both of these actions begin in your diaphragm and work your abdominal muscles. Also, laughing and singing release stale air from your lungs so that you can inhale in fresher and cleaner air.

Drink water

Your lung is coated with a mucosal lining, but when the lining becomes too thick, your lungs work harder to take in air. By staying hydrated, you can decrease the lining, which will allow your lungs to expand and contract to their full potential.

Why are such breathing exercises important? When we inhale, we take in oxygen, which is important in healing the body and preventing certain ailments, such as heart disease and respiratory complications.

By including more vigorous breathing activities into your daily routine, you can help your lungs release toxins and improve your breathing.

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