Fun Ways to Exercise for Those Who Hate Working Out

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Does the idea of a smelly, crowded gym turn you off from the idea of exercise? Do you wish you could escape the rows of mirrors and bulky gym equipment amidst the grunts and groans of muscle-heads? If you hate working out but miss the opportunity of moving your body, here are 5 fun ways to exercise without requiring a gym membership.

Just Dance!

Possibly one of the most fun ways to exercise, dancing requires no equipment and is an effective way to get your heart rate pumping. Sure, you can take lessons from an instructor, but free-form dance just for the heck of it is also an acceptable form of exercise. Just throw on your favorite tunes and lose yourself within the privacy of your home. In just 30 minutes, you can burn close to 200 calories!

Take a Hike

If you are looking for a form of exercise that will benefit both your mind and body, consider taking a nature walk. The fresh, outdoor air will do wonders for stress and anxiety as you connect with Mother Nature. Also, moving along uneven terrain will help condition certain muscles, strengthen your core, and improve your balance. Plus, you can observe the beauty of wildlife within a tranquil environment.

Try Yoga 

You don’t need to be particularly flexible to practice yoga; there are different forms that cater to a wide variety of abilities and experience levels. Yoga is all about the process, not about perfection. However, over time, you will find yourself becoming stronger, more balanced, and, yes, even more, flexible as you hone your skills. Best of all, yoga is wonderful for focusing and calming the mind. As you become more advanced in your practice, you can explore more intense poses and breath work styles.

Play in the Park

No matter the season, parks and most fitness courses are available year-round. Embrace your inner child and hit the ground running. In the winter, make a snowman or engage in a spirited snow fight. In the summer, challenge your friends to a game of Frisbee or suggest a race through an obstacle course. It may not feel like working out when you are having that much fun, but isn’t that the point?

Participate in your favorite team sport

If you are competitive by nature and enjoy socializing with your peers, a team sport is a great alternative to working out in a gym. Sporting activities combine camaraderie, strategizing and effective communication that will offer a well-rounded physical experience with the opportunity for personal growth.

Exercise is an important part of healthy living. Movement helps to maintain metabolism and weight and provides an effective stress reliever. However, if you hate to work out inside a gym, there are other fun ways to enjoy exercising that will leave you energized and feeling connected to your physical body.

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