Suffering from Aches and Pains? Soak in Epsom Salt!

Epson salt bath

If you are someone who is regularly, physically active or suffers from chronic pain, you can understand the discomfort of sore muscles. You have probably tried registered massage therapy and over-the counter medications to help you ease the pain. However, these treatments can be expensive and offer their own side-effects. However, if you are looking for an effective and natural remedy, try soaking in Epsom salt.

Epsom salt baths are nothing new; this recommendation has been around for hundreds of years. But Epsom salt also offer help for other issues as well, such as easing anxiety. We invite you to soak in the information to see if this natural remedy is right for you.

What Is Epsom Salt?

Otherwise known as magnesium sulfate, this combination of magnesium, sulfur, and oxygen is combined to create a crystalline-type substance that looks similar to table salt. However, Epsom salt is not something you add to food! Instead, most people add this compound to their bath as it easily dissolves in water.

How Does Epsom Salt Work?

When it disintegrates, it releases magnesium sulfate, which is a form of magnesium; a mineral that is found in our body. While there are no hard studies that substantiate this claim, the theory is that adding Epsom salt to your bath is a good way to absorb magnesium into your system. The benefits of magnesium can include regulating your nervous system, improving digestion and promotes the relaxation of muscles.

Benefits of Epsom Salt Baths

Warm baths are a wonderful way to relax! However, the addition of Epsom salt has been noted to add such advantages as:

Softening rough, dry skin.
The ‘salty’ crystals have an exfoliating effect, which helps to slough away dead skin cells.

Soothe sore muscles. Since magnesium naturally helps to help with muscle aches, the combination of Epsom salt and warm water can do wonders for your physical pain.

Helps with stress. Magnesium has been thought to aid those who struggle with anxiety and stress. By adding Epsom salt to your bath, you may be able encourage tranquility and peace of mind.

Treating ingrown toenails. Soaking your feet in an Epsom salt bath can help with various feet issues, such as relieve the itching from Athlete’s Foot or easing the agony of ingrown toenails. Plus the exfoliation from the crystals can help scrub away the dead skin from your heels.

Reduce pain from a minor injury. If you are suffering from a small physical trauma, such as a sprain or bruise, soaking in Epsom salts may bring relief. The magnesium sulfate apparently does wonders for inflammation, which can reduce swelling and redness.

Epsom salt is sprinkled with benefits; add a dash to your bath to help with pain or incorporate it into your daily beauty routine. Your body will benefit from the extra seasoning of magnesium as well as

provide an alternative to traditional medical treatments.

Are You Suffering From Arthritis ? Try Epsom Salt Bath

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