The Million-Dollar Dump; 10 Ways Poop Like A King

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Defecation; we all do it, but we don’t always talk about it. While our bathroom habits largely remain a topic of privacy (especially when discussing the ‘number two’), the regularity and amount of your stools can say a lot about your health. And if you can learn the 10 ways poop like a king, you can turn that ‘number two’ into a first-rate exercise in excrement!

Why Pooping Is Important

All living creatures expel waste from our beings. Once our body has absorbed all of the nutrients it needs from our food, it needs to rid itself of the excess that isn’t required.

Eat a Diet High In Fiber

Foods such as fruits, vegetables, grains, and legumes all contain a substantial amount of fiber that is necessary for a good poop. The reason is that your digestive system can create ‘bulk’ out of the unneeded fiber in your body, making it easier to pass as a stool.

Stay hydrated

One of the leading causes of constipation can be from a lack of drinking enough water. Water will help your digestive system break down foods and soften your stools, making them easier to pass through your body.

Work it Out

Exercise can play a vital role in not only raising your metabolism but also helping your body to break down and expel waste.

Sip On Coffee

Caffeine is a great way to stimulate your digestive system. Obviously, it’s not ideal to drink coffee before bed, but enjoying a few cups during the day may help get your poop moving!

Start With a Light Meal First

There is a theory that if you eat a light meal immediately eating a heavy one, your body will need to work harder to rid the waste. By eating a small meal first, you are kick-starting your digestive system.

Abdominal Massages

Try giving yourself a morning tummy massage around your lower abdomen before you rise from bed. This increases body awareness while waking up your colon muscles.

Eat Slowly

By ensuring that your food is chewed correctly, your digestive system will be able to easily convert the food into nutrients, quickly expelling what it doesn’t need.

Try Fermented Foods

Items such as yogurt contain good bacteria that can aid in faster and more effective digestion (and poops!)

Add Flaxseed Oil

The omega-3 fats found in flaxseed oil has been noted as a natural laxative. Try it in your smoothies, cereals, or baked goods.

Do a Headstand

No, seriously, the practice of inversions has been used by yogis for centuries to promote healthy and regular digestion.

What comes out of your body is just as important as what goes in. If you can attempt these 10 ways to poop like a king, you will create a more efficient digestive system, as well as better skin and weight maintenance. 

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