Smelly Belly Button? Eliminate Odor with Five Easy Tips

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When we think of body odor, most of us consider the culprit to be our underarms, genitals, or even our breath. But did you know that it was possible to have a stinky belly button? Yup, it’s true! Strange scents can form and linger, making your cute tummy smell not so yummy. But it is possible to eliminate belly odors with five easy steps.

Where do these odors come from?

There are a few reasons why there might be a stench coming from your belly button. Typically, it can result from poor hygiene, as dirt and sweat build up inside the crevice. However, there can also be more serious reasons, such as a fungal infection or even the growth of a cyst.

Unless you notice disturbances in your overall health (in which case, see a doctor), there are ways to treat this problem. In most cases, the issue only requires more awareness regarding your sanitation habits.

Daily washing

Just as you wash your face or body once a day (maybe more!), always remember to scrub the inside of your belly button gently. Particularly if you have an ‘innie,’ it can be easy to overlook cleaning this tiny orifice; use warm water and gentle soap.

Inspect for lint

Fuzzy pants and long tops are fun and cozy to wear, but small bits of lint can sometimes build up inside the belly button. If unattended, these particles can store moisture and cause strange odors. Take the time to remove lint before it has a chance to fester.

Consider a yeast infection treatment.

Fungal infections, such as candida growth, can manifest themselves inside your belly button. Since the button offers a breeding ground for bacteria to grow, it’s possible that you could develop a yeast infection inside the hole. Luckily, there are both homeopathic and over-the-counter medical treatments available

Remove your belly button piercing.

Without proper care, your sexy piercing could become infected, which will not only cause a smell but may also result in painful swelling. If you think your piercing may be the reason for the odor, try and remove any jewelry and disinfect it with alcohol. However, if the infection looks serious, seek medical attention immediately.

Keep your belly button dry.

After you wash, it’s always nice to apply moisturizer. However, the belly button is one place that you want to keep dry and cool. Always dab the area with a towel and do not let lotions or oils get inside, which can exacerbate the growth of smelly bacteria.

While we may overlook our belly buttons, we should treat them like any other part of our body that requires proper hygiene and care. If you detect an unsavory scent, refer to these five easy tips to eliminate belly button odor.

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