6 Smart Snacks When You Are Pregnant

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Do you have odd pregnancy cravings during the day, or night? Whether you want something sweet, salty, or crunchy, we have a few healthy smart snack options to satisfy those cravings.

Hummus, Pita and veggies:

Put together a platter of your favorite veggies, some whole wheat pita, and hummus.

Calorie breakdown: 140 calories per ounce of hummus, 30 calories for a cup of carrots, and none for celery. Pita bread adds about 150 calories per piece.

Baked potato with yogurt or cream:

This isn’t a conventional craving but is the perfect comfort food for snack time. The baked potato combined with the sour cream or yogurt is delish.

Calorie breakdown: 280 calories for the baked potato, yogurt adds just 32 calories per ¼ cup, Greek yogurt comes with 0% fat. ¼ cup of cream contains 120 calories.

Fruit smoothie:

This creamy, fresh and sweet smoothie will have you slurping up the drink in no time.

Calorie breakdown: 70 calories for a cup of mixed berries, 105 calories in a single banana, 50 calories in an apple, and 90 calories for a glass of skimmed milk.

Peanut butter and banana:

This heavenly combo satisfies your taste buds while delivering a good dose of potassium and proteins all in one.

Calorie breakdown: 105 calories for a banana, 190 calories for two tablespoons of peanut butter.

Nuts and dried fruits:

Pre-packed mixes are an easy fix but you need to keep a check on the sodium. Instead, try to mix equal parts of your favorite nuts and dried fruits and snack on a fistful once a day.

Calorie breakdown: 300-400 calories per handful.

Salsa and chips:

Prepare fresh salsa according to your liking and bake some fresh chips to get a healthy take on this snack.

Calorie breakdown: 40 calories for ½ cup of salsa and 120 calories for 15-20 baked chips.

There you have it, some tasty and healthy snacks for you momma-to-be.

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