Best tips running for beginners

a pair of good sneakers or running shoes make a big difference in your running...


Exercise is necessary, period. There’s no arguing it. Every single medical research paper you read on the matter concludes that the key to a healthy and long life is a healthy diet and working out on a regular basis. There are several sports and routines available for each need. When it comes to choosing one activity we must consider time, economics and what we hope to achieve. To those who wish to keep an active lifestyle, a great and cheap option is running, given that it doesn’t need anything other than comfortable clothing and a good pair of running shoes.

Running is quite a complete physical activity, and a great cardiovascular workout (also known as aerobic exercise). It seems like a simple sport, however like any other it requires of some preparation in order to carry it out properly. If you have decided you are ready to start your life as a runner, congratulations! Let’s get started. First, we want to share some advice that you should take into consideration before you start running:

Tips for new runners

  1. Warm up properly: a couple of jumping jacks and some stretching before running is vital to avoiding injuries.
  2. Set goals, and keep it realistic: every single one of us has to go at their own pace, not everyone will be ready to run a marathon within a year. What matters is to keep going, step by step, from 30 minutes to an hour in a month or two. That way your body will become more resilient progressively and avoid injuries; don’t focus on the miles, it’s better to work around time.
  3. Stick to a training program, or even better, a personal trainer: it is always best to have some guidance, especially one that fits your physical capabilities, your goals and needs.
  4. Keep the pace: don’t focus on going faster, in the beginning stage it is vital to increase your physical resistance and you can only achieve this by keeping a steady pace. This will allow you to better your times and speed, little by little.
  5. Invest in a good pair of shoes: it is the only big investment you’ll ever need to make if you have decided to start running, and it is your fundamental gear. If you’re a woman, we also recommend you consider buying a good sports bra.
  6. Keep a record of your progression: a great way to keep motivated is through small achievements. Noticing that a week ago you only ran 10 mins and now you run 40 is a fantastic way to avoid becoming desperate. Nowadays, there are many apps that help us keep track or record of our running habits; time, miles traveled, even heartbeat. Some of these apps are: Runtastic and Endomondo.
  7. As with any other sport, the key to becoming good at it is to enjoy it. Make running work for you, try new routes, listen to pumped-up music, whatever suits you best; and don’t stop running.


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