Can breast cancer be prevented?

The best protection is early detection ...

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Diagnostics for breast cancer have been on the rise for the last 2 years, both because early diagnosis’ techniques have become better, to a point where even the tiniest of tumors can be detected, and because there’s been a global increase in the incidence of new cases. This has raised alarms in the health sector, given that breast cancer is still the deathliest cancer for women worldwide. Growing mortality and incidence of breast cancer has led to it being one of the most studied diseases in history, and much has been discovered in regards of its origin. However, still there’s not a concrete cause for the appearance of breast cancer.

Breast cancer is caused by a number of diverse factors, which is why it’s so difficult to control its development. These factors go from genetics (both hereditary and otherwise) to environmental. Many of these can’t be modified in any way, such as age and genetics, but many others can, as it is the alcohol and tobacco intake.

Can breast cancer be prevented?

The World Health Organization and each individual country at the level of public health, have established guidelines to decrease the risk of breast cancer, through removing modifiable risk factors. These guidelines include:

  • Terminating tobacco use.
  • Avoiding consumption of alcohol.
  • Exercising regularly.
  • Maintaining a healthy weight.
  • Eating vegetables and fruits on a regular basis.
  • If there have been cases of breast cancer in your family before you, consult with your doctor before taking birth control pills.


All of these factors are proven to be related to breast cancer. However, there is not one in particular to carry the blame, which is why even taking into account these guidelines, it may not be possible to prevent breast cancer. It has been proven that several genetical alterations are related to this disease, which is why the best way to fight breast cancer is to avoid risk factors and early detection of the tumors.

In regards of early detection of breast cancer, it is recommended that every woman partake in self-examination, starting by age 20, and continue to practice it throughout their lives. After the age of 35, a yearly mammogram is recommended to keep things in check, alongside self-examination.

In conclusion, due to the fact that breast cancer appears to a number of several factors, it is hard to completely prevent it. However, it can be detected as early as possible, giving chance to treating it effectively and with a high rate of healing such condition.


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